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GMH By Design is a full service residential and commercial architecture practice that specializes in custom homes, home remodel, small business offices and corporate office architect design. We also have experience in church architecture, multi-use projects, transportation facilities, master plan concepts and project visualization. As a Colorado native and a Colorado architect, Greg searches for contextual design solutions that take into consideration indigenous materials and architectural answers, making GMH By Design a sustainable architecture practice.


Greg Houston is an experienced licensed Colorado commercial architect. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Greg is able to bring a special creative knowledge and a sense of local history to each architectural design. Having lived in Colorado all his life, he is very aware of the types of residential architecture Denver trends towards and is interested in bringing a unique vision as a residential architect.


This is the study of sensory values, judgments of sentiment and taste. Architectural design places these values and judgments at the front of any project list. In addition to the needs and wants of the client aesthetics are going to be one of the things that the users of a building remember.

What we offer

Experience! With more than twelve years of service to the architecture industry and a masters of architecture, Greg brings a unique quality to his clients. In addition to recognizing the client's aesthetic values, he also realizes that client collaboration and satisfaction with the finished project are essential to good architectural design. At GMH By Design the client becomes part of the architectural design process.

Our Approach

We are an architectural design practice that collaborates with our clients to create places and spaces that contextually solve the needs of each individual user. No matter the size of the project, commitment to client needs and satisfaction is our goal.

We look forward to talking with you about your architectural project soon.

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